Know Me

Peel off the layers of my skin,

make yourself at home, and get to know me better.


Take time to watch me drift off to sleep, and

discover how my nightmares visit less when you’re near me.

Read my lips and hear what they say before you wet them

with your own hungry lips.


Watch me as I lay my eyes on you and know why my blank stares

fill the void in my heart.


Won’t you dare come near me, and sip the wine,

watch it breathe as it slowly burns your throat, but

crave its warmth nonetheless?





You Ruined My Sheets

​You ruined my sheets.

I left it in order when I left,

sprayed perfume on it in case someone

returns to give me my heart back.

But then you happened, and 

we ravished the night as our souls unite

like two solitary leaves adrift, not knowing

where to go.

My hands have nowhere to go but stay

and explore your body that once was

a stranger to me.

And as we lay our tired bodies, our hands

intertwined, covered under the warm blanket,

you whisper sweet nothings

in my ear, and chased away the demons

that used to haunt my nights.

For tonight, I am not alone. 

Tonight, we are here.

And as we wake our tired eyes tomorrow,

I know the memory of tonight will

remain the most real:

You ruined my sheets, and gave me

my smile back.


Tonight, I broke that expensive induction cooker you bought;

the last thing you got us before you left.

Your eyes glimmered as you showed me how it worked,

but tonight, I saw the glass broken into pieces.

I tried to put them back together

when suddenly, my whole body ached.

Now I know what broken looks like.

I started to weep.

I cried for the broken things, your lost embrace,

our future that never will be.

I just stood there, by the kitchen, staring at the broken glass

and I saw something familiar,

the eyes I stare at everyday in the mirror.

I must’ve broken everything we loved.

In Poetry

In poetry, they say show, don’t tell: 

And I don’t understand how it should go;

except, it should be easy as

no words escape my mouth when 

you’re near me.

It scares me how I long to brush

my arms in yours only to feel

that electricity run down my spine.

It warms my cheeks every time.

I have memorized the way your smile

would start in your eyes, and stretch

your lips;

Yours lips. Please don’t get me started there.

Have I told you how I long to draw the lines

in your set of kissers with my fingers?

I almost can feel the rush of my blood

making my heart beat twice the speed.

Should I show you how your eyes make me

want to tuck my hair beneath my ears

in a classy, flirty way, because

you bring that out in me.

And I cannot show you enough

of the comfort your voice has brought

my world; its sound waves are translated

as music, humming me to sleep.

And it hurts. More painful than the story of

the scars on my knees. I skinned them when

I was young. And now that I’m older,

I must have skinned my heart when I

entertained the thought of you.

And how I wish I could decide if

I should show or just tell:

All I’m certain of is that,

Telling will scar my heart once more.

And this lump in my throat

triggers my eyes to swell, because

THIS isn’t poetry. I don’t know what this is.

But if this isn’t love, then I must’ve

showed so much.

I can feel my heart broken

before it even is;

My mouth forces itself to

bite the smile before it explodes;

as my chest beats like a raging drum

with the grace of your presence;

And this foolish fancy of our hands

intertwined, as we marvel the sun set;

spark fires in my soul, plant hopes

at the bottom of my being;

and this could be, a first time for so long,

a silence I’m loving the sound of.